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Our program is based on the Four Masculine Attributes (Power; Vision; Generativity; and Stewardship) and our Code of Honor (Honor Self; Honor Family; Honor Community; Honor Earth). Without preaching, we encourage each participant to find his own relationship to the attributes and to consider how he will fulfill each one as a man. Our Code of Honor provides a framework to guide participants towards a healthy, mature, and, in the best sense of the word, adventurous manhood.

The Four Masculine Attributes:

POWER- the capacity to do or accomplish something
Source- Honesty; Integrity; Connectedness
Qualities: Sacrifice; Strength; Wisdom; Personal Authority; Responsibility; Service
Image: Lightning bolt


VISION- the faculty of sight (physical and mystical /spiritual)
Source- Ability to see physically, emotionally, intuitively
Qualities: Curiosity; Openness to Mystery; Intuition; Awareness of Past, Present, and Future
Image: All-Seeing Eye


GENERATIVITY- the ability to bring into existence: create
Source: Inner fire; Desire; Intelligence
Qualities: Cooperation; Stamina; Adaptability; Creativity
Image: Sun


STEWARDSHIP- the act of taking responsibility for personal, family, and community affairs
Source: Nurturance; Caretaking; Generosity
Qualities: Attention to detail; Sobriety; Clarity; Efficiency; Ability to plan
Image: Gardener


Code of honor:

1. Honor Self
Each person has a singular path and a unique purpose for being alive on this planet. Touching into this is a source of joy and steadfastness. This will help weather the storms of life and lead to true, authentic power.

2. Honor Family
Our families exert a powerful and formative influence upon us. We are shaped by those who raise us and the lineage from which we descend. Our experience of both the blessings and challenges of our heritage is a gift that helps makes us who we are.

3. Honor Community
Wisdom gained as our journey progresses is meant to be shared. Community offers us the opportunity to express ourselves and to relate our vision and our strengths into a grand context. In this way we make ourselves and our communities whole and healthy.

4. Honor Earth
Our physical lives depend on a healthy and vibrant earth where all life is held in respect. We draw deep spiritual and emotional sustenance when we cultivate a living relationship with nature and the many forces and life forms of our living planet.

The role of both grief and of joy in our lives is explored through the Well of Sorrows and the Fountain of Joy.