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Passage to Manhood believes that it is the responsibility of young men to protect the community with their youthful strength and innate sense of chivalry and service and it is the responsibility of elder men to mentor them. While elder men hold wisdom born of experience, the young men hold the seed for what our community will become and what direction our world will head.

Our society offers ceremonies that confer social, political, and economic status, but we have almost no Rite of Passage into manhood. Males come into chronological adulthood but may lack the support needed to explore the deeper purpose and the unique meaning of their lives. Passage to Manhood creates meaningful dialogue about what it means for young men to take their place as men in this modern world. Participants are afforded the opportunity to consciously come into manhood while families and communities can regenerate in an organic and celebratory manner.


Male adolescence is often thought of as a transition filled with great turbulence. Passage to Manhood regards it as a time of great opportunity. Each young man holds the seed of wisdom and regeneration. The time of the child is coming to an end as adulthood beckons. The first tentative flights from the nest of boyhood begin. It is a period of great inspiration, unbridled creativity, and tremendous introspection as each young man begins the journey of finding out who he is and what gifts he brings to his life, family, community, and earth.

Each person comes into this life with a unique gift. Discovering the nature and purpose of that gift is the great lesson of life. PTM programs are not designed to tell young men how to do this or what that gift is. Each will come to manhood on his own terms. I offer input, guidance, and deep listening while supporting and celebrating participants as they find their own path.



The beginning of a boys Passage to Manhood marks an exciting time in the lives of parents/stepparents/guardians. There are new responsibilities and challenges as well as new freedoms. The mystery of who that boy was meant to become is being revealed. This process is a cause for celebration for the entire family and the community to which they belong.

As young men prepare for their new status in life it is important that parents/stepparents/guardians are supported in the changes that effect them as well. Passage to Manhood offers assistance in understanding the changes young men are going through. I work with parent/guardians individually or in group or family sessions. In any context the role that parents/stepparents/guardians have played is honored and support is offered as that role begins to change.