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August 7-10, Elk, Ca.

Passage To Manhood is pleased to announce our 2014 Initiation Weekend for young men aged 14-18. The weekend will be held on private land near Elk Ca. overlooking Greenwood Creek.

Initiation is both an ending and a beginning. The time of boyhood is coming to an end as adulthood beckons. In order to be whole in manhood it is necessary to honor both the gifts and the challenges that life presents. A meaningful ritual Rite of Passage where the young man is recognized and honored can prove to be of significant assistance in navigating the waters of life. Hearing from mentors about their own life experiences can help prepare Initiates for the road ahead. And being seen in a community can build resilience for the storms of life and prepare one to receive its joys.

Our weekend is multifaceted. In the sweat lodge ceremony we will pray for the highest best purpose to be revealed. Using the ancient art of storytelling we will look at how the path to manhood has been considered by many cultures throughout human history. Our spoken word/poetry slam invites participants to reveal a bit about themselves. The Well of Sorrows/ Fountain of Joys circle allows young men to deeply hear the many blessings and challenges that men have faced in their lives and helps prepare them for their own path. Our End of Boyhood Ritual allows each participant the opportunity to bury into the earth artifacts from their own boyhood and be received and honored by a circle of men for the step they are taking. There are many opportunities during the weekend for young men to explore what their own individual path in life might be and to consider what unique gifts they bring into the world. We also have time for hiking, games, and other recreational activities.

This retreat takes place in a rural area. We will be sleeping in tents and hiking up and down steep, rugged slopes. Trained climbers will facilitate rock climbing. Meals will be made in camp and we will respectfully butcher and eat one of the goats raised on the small farm that occupies the property.

Mentors for this retreat come from many backgrounds and professions, but all are individuals who have been deeply involved in Mens work and are ready to give back to as well as receive and honor the next generation.

Tuition for the weekend is $180. Full and partial scholarships are available and no one will be turned away for financial reasons. Donations over $180 will go to the tuition assistance fund and development of Passage to Manhood programs. An orientation interview will be conducted prior to the retreat with the participant and the parent(s)/ guardian(s). This interview can be done over the phone or in person. A registration form must be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian as well as the participant. This form can be found on our website www.passagetomanhood.net

Registration closes August 3. Thank you for your interest. More information can be found on the website or by contacting director Chris Skyhawk at 707-937-4295, or email chrisskyhawk@passagetomanhood.net .

Passage to Manhood is a Mentoring organization that seeks to provide young men with meaningful Rites of Passage experiences on their way to maturity. Working with trained mentors from the community young men are encouraged to explore their deeper purpose in life and take meaningful steps towards a joyous, responsible, and fulfilling manhood.


My name is Chris Skyhawk. In 2012 I formed Passage to Manhood, a Mentoring and Rites of Passage organization that works to support young men as they begin their journey into the question, “What does it mean to be a man?”

There is renewed interest in our society regarding Rites of Passage. These ancient practices are currently being reexamined as we come to understand their importance for our youth as well as the role they play in our transitions throughout our lives.

There is a growing understanding that the larger community needs to be active in the development and transformation of its young people.

Networking with volunteers, social organizations, and community leaders I strive to provide young men with mentoring and meaningful ceremonies and interactions of recognition as they come of age.

Through the ancient art of story telling, discussion groups, family services and ritual I strive to uphold the PTM motto “Mentoring Young Men, Supporting Families, Building Community”.

Please feel free to browse this entire webpage.

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