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My name is Chris Skyhawk. In 2012 I formed Passage to Manhood, a Mentoring and Rites of Passage organization that works to support young men as they begin their journey into the question, “What does it mean to be a man?” As my work has evolved I have also been incorporating working with young women in mixed-gender mentoring groups.

There is renewed interest in our society regarding Rites of Passage. These ancient practices are currently being reexamined as we come to understand their importance for our youth as well as the role they play in transitions throughout our lives.

There is a growing understanding that the larger community needs to be active in the development and transformation of its young people.

Networking with volunteers, social organizations, and community leaders I strive to provide young adults with mentoring and meaningful ceremonies and interactions of recognition as they come of age.

Through the ancient art of story telling, discussion groups, mentoring sessions, family services and Rites of Passage weekends  I strive to uphold the PTM motto “Mentoring Young Men, Supporting Families, Building Community”.

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Visit the PROGRAMS / SERVICES page for a complete list of offerings for individuals, groups, and families, as well as services offered for adults.

Passage to Manhood is a Mentoring organization that seeks to provide young men with meaningful Rites of Passage experiences on their way to maturity. Working with trained mentors from the community young men are encouraged to explore their deeper purpose in life and take meaningful steps towards a joyous, responsible, and fulfilling manhood.



Passage to Manhood:
a video presentation